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Hot Bar Reflow Soldering for Flex Circuits

November 1, 2016

Hot bar reflow soldering is used in making flex circuits. These circuits are used in a wide range of products. The size and shape of many electronics have changed over the years. Manufacturers use flex circuits to keep the size small. Many products are becoming digital and more people want to connect to their electronic devices using their mobile phones. The circuitry used in devices these days is delicate and allows one to remotely access it. Chips are used to store memory in devices and all the components are very fragile.

Hot bar reflow soldering process is used in making digital cameras, cell phones, calculators, printers, disk drives, LCD TVs and automotive assemblies.  This type of soldering is used for attaching flex circuits to printed circuit boards (PCBs), ceramics and glass. The process is also called as pulsed-heat bonding and is also used for soldering battery packs, surface-mount edge connectors, ribbon cables and small coaxial cables to PCBs.

The global market for flex circuits is booming. It has increased more than 250 percent in the past decade. Flexible printed circuits are therefore a very fast growth technology. These circuits reduce the cost of electrical interconnections by as much as 65%. The need for cabling and wiring is also reduced by 70%.  This all adds up to profits for the manufacturer.  The market is going to expand in the coming years as more industries will make benefit of the technology. The military, medical systems, avionics systems and satellites all use the flexible printed circuits.

Parts that are sensitive to heat such as camera chips or LEDs can be soldered using this type of soldering. A titanium thermode that is mounted to a pneumatic cylinder and connected to a power supply solders two parts together. Thermodes are custom-made to suit the size of the parts and these can be changed as required. The thermode makes contact with the surface that needs to be bonded and heats it up. Within 2 second the thermodes reach the peak flow temperatures. Peak temperatures vary when the lead is exposed.  To save on the cost of the soldering project, you can outsource the work to another company that has the experience.

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CNC Machining Services for Profitable Projects

April 12, 2016

CNC machining services reduce the project cost to a great extent. Due to advancements in technology, computers control the machine to ensure there are no human errors made during the machining process. This means less waste and more accurate results. When you are working with aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or composite materials you want the best results the very first time.

Designs are stored in computers and then conveyed to the cutting tool through a router. Design software such as CAD can be used in creating designs of machinery parts, panels, stairs, railings, and more. The machine can be used for mass production or to rebuild a part of the machine is short supply. If you have a very early model car and want to take it out on the road, it may need parts to make it mobile again. Get the needed parts made by a machinist that has the experience to make it for you.

Artists that like to create unique works in a metal can also take their design ideas forward. They do not need the torch cutting tools that can be time-consuming and erroneous. With the help of expert machinists, artists can have their designs made within a short span of time. When your garage door needs replacement and you have an innovative idea in mind, consult with the machinist for a good quote. Steel stairs, railings, balusters can all be created to make any living area or commercial building look unique. When you want to boost the visual appeal of any interior design, use artsy elements in the interior décor to make it over the top. Due to the high level of precision that is possible with CNC machining, one can create complex shapes that are impossible to achieve with manual machining. AIT offers machining services and has the right machines for your project.

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Battery Tab Welder for Series Welding

March 16, 2016

Battery tab welder is available online so you can make battery packs at home or in your workshop.  The improvements in batteries started in 1960’s when people realized that getting rid of the electrical cords and outlets can make life easier. We then saw continued improvements in standard primary cells that are used only once. There is an ongoing effort to shrink the battery size and to reduce its weight. The output of modern day batteries is a lot more powerful.

Now that batteries are available in various sizes and outputs more people are able to use their tools at remote sites. The freedom of movement batteries bring enables one to fix things with battery operated tools in places where no electric outlets are found.

The primary cells when used up only add to landfill. Some government regulations promote recycling programs to replace landfill. These cells only create waste and those who care enough not to add to landfill now prefer to buy the rechargeable batteries. The advancement in batteries has also increased the run time. Today, cordless power tools use batteries that are 30% lighter making the overall weight of the tool lighter.

There is also an increase in the use of prepackaged cells. These Sub C battery cells are pre-configured and welded together in shapes intrinsic to a manufacturer’s design. Companies that make batteries use a tab welder to seal the tabs. Manufacturers and many rebuilders of pre-packs use welding machines that can be bought online. Prepacks make recycling easier and have different recommended methods of recycling.

The AVIO tab welder offered by AIT offers an easy way of welding battery tabs.  For series welding, get the uniform welds and longer electrode life at low cost! For more on the battery tab welder, click here:

CNC Machining Services for Fabricating OEM Parts

February 16, 2016

CNC machining services by experienced companies allow you to get any types of designs made in a variety of metals and materials. Some fabrications companies have the latest machines with software to convert your computer drawing into reality. CAD files are better to work with than hand drawings.  While programming from paper drawing there can be errors but with soft copies of your drawings, the fabrication work can be done without any errors.

Companies that offer machining services are able to work with stainless steel, carbon steel, cobalt, acrylic, and fiberglass reinforced plastics and more. If you want OEM parts fabricated, these can also be produced from nylon, Delrin, and PVC and can include heat treating.

For short and long term milling needs, hire only the reliable names in the industry. Some experienced machinists have the modern tools and equipment to make even the most complex components. All parts of the machine are built to client specifications. When you think of precision, quality and value very few fabricators will be able to meet your demands.  

Developing a good relationship with a machining company is imperative to the success of your CNC milling projects. They can offer fast turnaround times to their valued clients. The long-established companies hire only the best of technicians. So do visit them to evaluate their workmanship and discuss your needs.

If you have a foreign car or a very early model and cannot find a specific part to get it running, get in touch with a machining company so they can make it for you. The CNC machines are fully automated and are able to mass produce items for your order. AIT serves clients from diverse markets including IT, aircraft industry and electronics.

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